The smok novo 2 there’s a squirrel outside guys. Hey What’s up my ducklings back with another vape review I am Fumb duck the vape reviewer Hell, yeah So today we got the smok novo 2 all the hype nowadays with all the kids And I’m going to unbox this bad boy. If you want to see more of these videos, please subscribe right below right now So I can make more vape reviews for you guys cough for you guys and give you more vape reviews and giveaways So don’t be shy subscribe down below. The smok novo 2 the successor of the smok Novo, of course so far. The smok products have been very very good to me and now that they have made a second version of the novo and Super excited to try it and I’ve heard about all the optimized features on this new product So I’m going to unbox this bad boy. And while I do I will give you some facts about the smok Novo vs Smok novo 2 just in case you want to purchase this smok novo 2 has an 800 milliamp battery the smok novo had a 450 milliamp battery that that’s a huge difference that can make you puff like 400 times more in the day also one important feature that people were complaining about was that the smok novo It does not have an LED indicator on the front of the device Now the smok novo 2 does have an LED indicator on the front which will indicate your battery life based on green yellow and red 70 70 to 30 and then below 30% based on those colors in orders. Hey, I got a little small giveaway thing here What a coincidence I do giveaways in my video.

I’m not scratch see if I won. Okay? Well looks like I won a Mp5 you jvx. Nice. I’m just kidding. You got put this online gonna see if I won. Hopefully I do, that’d be great So the smok novo 2 looks similar to the smok novo, I got a nice grayish white design It looks beautiful comes with two different pods. Each pod has a different coil in it So one will be stronger than the other one is a 1.0. Ohm coil. And yeah, there is a 1.4 Ohm coil, so based on the you’ll have a higher output so basically more vape the more you vape got a microUSB at the bottom and put your pod in here a two pods and your USB your micro USB cable, which is clutch because that’s a universal charging cable This also outputs between ten and twenty five watts Which is amazing compared to the old smok novo. The old smok novo was about 10 to 16 watts So that’s a big big difference. It has 800 milliamp battery compared to the 450 the smok novo had and very very important thing They added they optimized the intake so you could breathe in much more it feel much smoother And there won’t be condensation in your pod That’s an unbelievable Feature and I could see why everyone’s raging about this why this might actually be the best smok product right now for disposable pod systems. so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna do my typical vape review where I plug in the pod fill it up with juice and then I’m gonna see how the clouds compare it to a Juul, I would say that jewel is already kind of kicked out in this competition. This is about 25 bucks This is about 60 dollars.

This is 800 milliamps Battery. This is 200 This also has a 2 Millimeter pod which the Smok Novo originally had and this is a 0.7 millimeter pod can’t really compare the two I know people like this is a trend but I would say if you want quality and Longer-lasting pods, you’re gonna probably want to get this one I’ll compare the clouds with the juul and I’ll compare the clouds with the smok novo 2 So we’ll see which one’s better and which one will perform better. My neighbor’s staring at me right through the window This is really awkward. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start with a 1.0. Ohm coil And I got a new juice its by Tabu and the flavor is apparently cantaloupe and other stuff It’s 35 milligrams of nicotine We’re gonna test the clouds the head rush compared to the juull, of course. So now we’re gonna fill this bad boy Shake it up. Oh It smells like heaven So the pod is very similar to the smok Novo has a little lid on the top You just fill that in there. You can see the coil in the middle. It’s very nice Those are the two connectors at the bottom You just put inside the smok novo 2 and the beautiful thing about the smok novo 2 that the smok Novo pods are combatible with the smok novo 2 it’s beautiful so if you had any old pods you could toss them into the smok novo 2 and it’ll be workable or usable or whatever you want to call it. I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start filling this up Juice goes in. Okay. So I’m gonna do is let it sit for a little so the coil gets primed Please don’t make that mistake Of putting your juice in and vaping right away coil needs to saturate a little bit with the juice If not, you will burn your coil much faster so I’m gonna let that sit for a little bit and while we wait I will be doing a giveaway for The smok nord the nors it is a beautiful device is a button are very similar to smok Novo smok novo 2 has eleven hundred milliamps of battery.

It’s huge. It’s really nice. The color and design is beautiful I will be giving away this bad boy The only way to win the smok nord is to Like comment and subscribe down below answering this week’s question And this week’s question is if you could create a vape what kind of vape would you create? So if I were to create a vape I would put literally like rocket launchers or like little like shooter thing on the vape or a pod. That’s like seven millilitres on a pod system they could carry around. You could customize this video do it ever you want answer the question below and I’ll check out the comments and give this away in about two weeks One thing I forgot to mention is that the smok novo has a quartz pot which is one of a kind It’s new, they’re testing and it all apparently it’s really really good Unfortunately, the quartz does not come with a smok novo 2 kit but it’s something I do want to try So if anyone has tried it, let me know in the comments I want to see what that’s like? so the smok novo 2 pod also has a new airflow design on each side of the pod which helps you draw in more and On the bottom of the actual smok novo 2 got a little hole for more air circulation so overall this actually kicks the smok novo’s ass like really really hard because of the airflow design and the battery life that alone is a big seller and she kicks smok novo out of the World. The juuls good, but if you want something like I said it’s reliable has more battery life bigger pod Smok novo is the way to go and smok products in general are wicked if you want to see the smart novo review It’s right up here. Okay. I think the pos is saturated enough.

I’m just here remove this plastic Looks even fresher design is gorgeous. They have many other designs as well. I’m gonna plug in the sucker just like that Oh, beautiful, LED indicators obviously on the front and I’m just gonna try the flavor try the juice see how the airflow is and your review on that The juice the juice is excellent the pull is beautiful. I can’t believe how good this little device is give it another pull Clouds are unreal. I Sucked in for like one second. So the LED indicators are at the front right there. It’s green obviously once it’s green It’s out 70% and up if it’s orange, it’s 70 and 30 percent in that range and it’s red It’s below 30%. I got a massive head rush just from that hit holy schnitzel Okay, it definitely does the job it took a couple puffs and I’m already falling on the floor. Heyyy! I’m gonna do a puff of this and see the clouds on this see what it looks like ready. Here we go That’s a little better clouds are not as big good It does the job of this if you want quality durability, pod size, bigger battery life This is the way to go and what I’m gonna do now is my ultimate cough,cough,cough. Love it I know you do you always say you do I’m gonna max this out I do believe it does have a ten-second timer till shuts off or cuts you off they don’t die and We’re gonna see how that Cough works Oh That’s nice just A little bit of drool. That’s the first time I ever coughed my eyes opened and I felt really really weird There’s a squirrel outside guys. Hey, smok novo 2 is great. Definitely better than the Smok novo. We’ll give it a try Well twenty-five to thirty dollars and happy vaping everybody. Please be of age in your respective country. I Have a nosebleed That’s how hard i coughed, um, that’s it for this video, Fumb Duck out! byeee! FumbDuck on the track. There’s a little rap. I’m here to celebrate Cuz I did something great. Yeah


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