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We’re just a couple of days away from theGalaxy Note 20 unpacked event, so tons of new information is being revealed on the internet. Today we have the official trailer of theGalaxy Note 20 Ultra but before I show you that let’s talk about a really cool featurethat has seemingly flown under the radar so far. Samsung will include a new technology insidethe Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that will allow for fast file transfer. The Galaxy Note 20 series will be the firstAndroid handsets to have a UWB chip built inside to transfer files at a very high speed. Apple is the first company to include it onthe iPhone 11 lineup.

It’s basically like Bluetooth or wifi but100 times better and intelligent. You see as Linus explains the spectrum ofUWB is 500MHZ whereas the wifi works between 20 to 80Mhz. And that enables it to transfer files at avery fast rate. How exactly this works is, you can point yourphone at someone else’s phone and your phone will know you probably want to send thingsto them. Today, your Phone just uses Bluetooth to understandwho’s around you. It doesn’t know who you’re looking ator where they are precisely. Put another way: This feature allows any smartphonethat implements this chip—to precisely detect where other objects are in physical space.

That’s something lacking on smartphonestoday. The application of this endless and isn’tjust limited to sending files to other phones. For one it could know precisely where humans(carrying UWB-enabled phones) are in the home. A phone could be used for keyless car entry—thecar could use UWB to verify that you’re standing next to it before opening its doors. The possibilities are endless and it couldmake many cool new things possible. Now I’m not really sure if the smaller Note20 is also getting this chip which I guess we’ll know for sure in a couple of days. Moving on here is the retail box of the GalaxyTab S7+ as well as the Galaxy Watch 3. If you’ve been following this channel, thesephotos shouldn’t come off as a surprise. Now coming to the official introduction videoof the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. This is for AT&T which pretty much confirmseverything we were talking about for months. Take a look


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